SEO Trends for 2014



Google processes more than one billion searches every day making it a dominant force in the search engine market. This means that any change in Google’s search algorithm affects the way in which web users find your website. Failing to adapt to these changes lowers your internet visibility and reduces your online sales. Your main concern should be the most recent change in Google search algorithm i.e. the Panda 4.0 Google update. This update is already causing ripples in online world but you can adapt to the following SEO trends 2014 as a way of coping with these changes.



– Focus On Quality Content


Online businesses place too much emphasis on videos, images and audio files at the expense of their online content. You should not make the same mistake. Develop quality content on your website that would attract online visitors repeatedly. You can do this by including relevant facts and a catchy title in your articles. You can also add tutorials and info-graphics as a way of diversifying your content. Consult an SEO expert to help you design and present your online content so that it pleases and inspires your web visitors.



– Targeting the Mobile Market


Technology is in a constant state of evolution leading to the development of new devices and capabilities every day. Mobile or cellphone technology is the latest and perhaps the greatest form of life-changing technology in our time. It allows people to exchange information over vast distances using small devices that are highly portable. This means that a physical marketplace is no longer necessary as people can now communicate without meeting each other in person. Personal computers are also not effective when it comes to this new marketplace. In other words, you should develop an unshakable presence in the mobile market if you are to survive in this new world of technology.



Mobile internet allows you to connect with potential buyers from all over the world regardless of where they are or what they are doing. For example, a farmer cannot view your products or services through his personal computer while he is on his farm but he can do this through his phone. The same case applies to people who are travelling or people who are performing some kind of activity that takes them away from their desktop. You can connect with these people if you invest properly in mobile SEO marketing.



– Understanding Long Tail Search Queries


People search for the same products or services using different search terms. For example, some people use short and precise search terms while other people use long tail search queries. People use long tail search queries more often than they use short and precise search terms. Google has made additional changes to its search algorithm to reflect this search behavior among its users. Businesses that do not optimize their content in light of these changes will lose lead generations unnecessarily because internet users will find their competitors instead of finding them.



Google introduced Hummingbird in August 2013 to make sure that its users can effectively search the internet even when using words that are not similar to what they want to find. For example, an internet user can search for a given product using a synonym instead of the product’s actual name. Google will look at the entire sentence typed in the search box by the internet user and then use the Hummingbird inspired algorithm to determine what the user was looking for. This is especially important for users who use a certain language but search for a particular product found in a country that uses another language. You should develop your content in a way that reflects this new search algorithm or risk losing potential clients in emerging markets.



– Press Releases and SEO


Businesses have abused press releases for a long time by filling them with excessive links back to their websites. Google has responded effectively to these abuses by penalizing each website for links marked ‘dofollow’ on their press releases. These manual penalties will negatively affect the search engine ranking of penalized websites i.e. their web visibility will plummet and so will their online sales. You can prevent this kind of scenario by simply marking ‘donotfollow’ on links found in your press releases. This means that Google will not penalize you for having links on your press releases. It also means that your organic search rankings will remain unaffected, as will your online business sales.



Unfortunately, many people do not know that Google is penalizing websites for having ‘dofollow’ links on their press releases. This is because Google started penalizing websites for such links late last year for most websites and early this year for some websites. You should make the appropriate changes to the links in your press releases as soon as possible. This will help you maintain your search engine rankings as they are. Dong so will also help you stay ahead of the competition since many of them are yet to find out about these penalties.



– Consistency of Your Content


Internet users become furious when they find out that website owners are taking them for a ride. They will write nasty reviews about these websites on their blogs or on other internet forums. For example, internet users expect to find information on a certain product or service when they visit your website. They will express their disappointment when they visit your website and unexpectedly find other products and services. This usually happens when websites use misleading titles or tags as part of their content. You can avoid these unforgiving responses from internet visitors by maintaining a certain level of consistency in your content. In other words, everything you have on your website should be relevant to what you are selling including the theme of your website, the content on the website and the multimedia materials displayed on the website. Remember, the Panda 4/0 update can really hurt the rankings if the content on your website is inconsistent.



As you can now see, 2014 is an exciting year for SEO marketers because of the recent changes in Google’s search algorithm. Make sure that your business keeps up with the changes mentioned above. Doing so will help your business stay afloat as well as expand your business operations.

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