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SEO Penalty Recovery

How To Recover From An SEO Penalty


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Search engines can issue penalties if they determine that your website is using filler content or if links to your content appear on pages that are considered as low quality. A penalty means that your content will no longer be displayed in search results or that it will rank much lower than before.
It is possible to recover from a penalty but you need to determine what caused you to receive it. You might not even be responsible for what caused the problem since you might be a victim of a low domain website sharing your links. You can find out if there is one for your website by checking the Google Webmaster Tools.
You might want to change the way you optimize your content if you often fill your pages with keywords or if you have pages with content that is not really helpful to your visitors. Your website should be designed to provide your visitors with an ideal experience and every page should have a purpose. If some pages only have filler content, it is best to remove them. You should also remove some of the keywords you use if your content is too rich in keywords.
If Google issued a penalty because there are links to your site that appear on spammy websites, the best course of action is to ask Google to ignore them. You can do this by using the Webmaster Tools. All you have to do is navigate to your dashboard and click on Search Traffic, then Links To Your Site. You will be able to download a list of all the links that exist.
Go over this list to see which ones are not optimized with the right keywords and appear on low-quality pages. A page can look like a high-quality page but the topic might not be relevant to your content at all. Create a list of the links that you would like Google to ignore and look for the disavow tool. You will be able to upload this list via the Webmaster Tools.
Recovering from a penalty can take a while since search results and rankings are not necessarily updated on a daily basis. It is important to keep an eye on your metrics to make sure that the penalty is removed once you make a few changes to your website or ask Google to disavow some low-quality links. You should always monitor your metrics so that you can react quickly if you notice that the number of visitors you guess is dropping. It is easier to recover from a penalty if you act quickly.
You can get help from an SEO service if you are not sure how to recover from a penalty. The right SEO service will also help you get your content to rank higher in search results and to get more traffic to your website without doing anything that could lead to more issues for your website.

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