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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) helps your site appear at the top of Google. Your customers use and trust Google every day. If your business isn’t on the top, then you are missing out.

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We are recognized by Google as a certified AdWords professional, meaning that Google has assessed and certified our product expertise. We can help you increase your leads and revenue from the internet using Google AdWords.

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We are experts at driving traffic and leads by using the number one social media platform. Highly targeted ad campaigns can reach your ideal customer..

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Our monthly reporting and constant communication, keeps you up to date on your digital marketing efforts.

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The leading Plano SEO Firm servicing Plano and the neighboring suburbs of Dallas, Frisco, McKinney and Allen.

We use proprietary Search Engine Optimization techniques to take your website out of the shadows and into the spotlight through innovative design strategies in coding, social media, and conversion optimizers. Our exclusive methods have ranked thousands of keywords number one on Google.

Perhaps 25 years ago, a Yellow Pages listing of your company as “AAA Fill in the Blank” was the fastest method to be seen; however, in today’s internet savvy world, “To Be # 1, you must BE on Google Page 1!”

Let’s face it, when you search a subject, you never look past the front page.

We effectively and succinctly use digital marketing to rank your company, we specialize in moving your website to the best and most coveted part of town, and when referring to the internet, anyplace that isn’t Page one is an undesirable neighborhood and you’ve been residing in an undesirable site!

At Lucid Dog, we rank your site, so that it becomes an active marketing tool 24 hours a day. Your ranking is paramount to the success of your business and unless you are found first in the search, you are losing business every day to competitors who are ranked higher.

Most businesses have to use different avenues for client getting and product sales, such as radio, TV, postcards or even network meetings. They are expensive and time-consuming with less than stellar results.  Being on the first page of the search can generate more leads with less expense and less effort.

No longer will your website be simply a lead magnet or an expensive business card. Your page will be ranked so that people find you on every search in your niche. Let us make you, Top Dog!

By the way, we’re not just another digital marketing company, we have become the top agency for Plano SEO.

We work with our customers as business partners and consider your satisfaction our most top priority. Our staff is available 7 days week and have an open door policy.
Because search engines continually change the way they rank websites, we remain current on all appropriate procedures. We demonstrate expertise by evaluating the search algorithm daily and critique our techniques, which allows us to expertly optimize your website rankings.
Our team are pros in earning reliable, top quality links to our clients’ website. These links help increase the site’s exposure while driving traffic effectively.
As an on-page, search engine optimization specialist, we index your website for the proper keywords. Our strategies permit our customers to quickly get positioned on Google because of expansive and targeted keywords.
Since social media advertising has become increasingly popular in the last few years, we create marketing strategies for our customers to get connected to each of the most significant social media sites, tapping into the power of the internet.

LUCID DOG uses dynamic tools to increase ranking and your web position, drawing thousands to your website, and multiplying your revenue daily! When you need lead generation in Plano, Allen, Frisco, Mckinney or even nationwide contact us.


Ridiculously Efficient” is the phrase that comes to mind when I think about Dean. His systematic, highly effective approach to SEO is what gives him the option to pick and choose which clients he works with. Don’t hold back, give him all of the information he asks for, and as you rise to the top of the search results, your profits will double, then more than likely triple.

Jamie R. Morris

Dean is an excellent search engine optimization expert. I would be fully confident that any project would be handled with complete professionalism. This is definitely the pro you want to hire.

Jeremiah Bennett

If you are planning to hire an SEO consultant to boost your traffic and ROI, then Dean Davis is your top choice. Dean’s expertise in driving highly relevant and targeted traffic to your website is unquestionable. His dedication to his work reflects on the list of clients he has helped through out his career. I highly recommend him and his team at Lucid Dog SEO.

Zack Greenfield

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The Benefits of SEO

SEO, also known as Search Engine Optimization in long-form, refers to an online marketing method that improves your website by increasing its visibility through high traffic in relevant searches. In online marketing, the better the visibility of your website pages, the more attention. If you are a seller, your products will attract prospective customers and retain existing customers because of your top position on the search results.

Regular search engines such as, Bing, Google, and Yahoo utilize web crawlers to creep from site to site to collect information about different pages and index them. The indices are analyzed by algorithms that consider various ranking variables to determine how pages will appear during search results.

When you get to a search engine, say Bing or Google, and key in your query, a list of websites with relevant search information pop up. The first site on the list isn’t there by chance. It has been optimized. The website uses Search Engine Optimization to help Bing, Google, or whatever search engine you are using to comprehend the content and fish out your website from a pool consisting of millions of websites. Your search results tell you that the search engine did thorough research to know the phrases you used for the specific title.

Content Importance

Your keywords and content quality are some of the factors that will determine where your page will appear on the search results. If you optimize your site and content with good keywords and quality content, your pages will rank higher in search results. Optimizing the search engine is an essential part of your marketing strategies. Whenever you improve your website through engine optimization, you will bring in numerous benefits to your business.
1. Gives Your website Quality Traffic

Your website will get millions of visitors if you optimize the search engine. A more significant percentage will be quality and useful leads out of the traffic drawn to your website. Potential customers will respond positively to your product without being forced to do so.

Search Engine Optimization is considered the primary source of traffic. By traffic, we mean the number of users who visit your website daily. With this fantastic strategy, millions of people log in to your website monthly, which results in quality leads for your brand. Reaching your target audience involves focusing on attracting users who are searching for relevant information about a product that you already have. That will translate your marketing strategies into sales with minimal effort.

Besides social media and content marketing, optimizing your search engine remains one of the most effective and successful marketing strategies in the digital world. The traditional methods of advertising have got the advertiser’s mind in them and thus outbound. Search Engine Optimization marketing strategy is inbound. By outbound, it means that the customer will have to view reached out by the advertisement whether they like it or not.

It is considered interruptive and marketer-centric. An optimized search engine allows your customers to get the information about your product whenever they want, and thus it’s referred to as customer-centric. A customer-centric website means it’s friendly to the user and not interruptive. Prospective customers are more likely to respond positively to customer-centered websites.

2. Cost-effectiveness
Investing in excellent Search Engine Optimization will be initially expensive for you, but the content will keep on attracting traffic for several months. If you cannot optimize your search engine, hire a qualified professional to do it for you. There are the right ranking tools that you can use to draw organic traffic to your site and improve on the rankings. An example is Linkio.

The search engine marketing strategy of marketing is worthy and a one-time investment that may look expensive and involving, but in the end, it pays. All you will be required is regularly updating pages, research, writing high-quality content, and link building from time to time to keep your content relevant.

Even more exciting is that you do not require paying for your website to be top-ranked by the search engine. Your website appearance on the search results is free of charge, which gives you the reason for investing in the best practices that favor your website. You will continue with the ranking as long as visitors click your search links.

3. A Natural Search Will Outperform Paid Search
Search Engine Optimized website is more trusted than Pay Per Click (PPC) ads. Internet users will trust your website and click on it than PPC ads. An organic result is more likely to receive clicks on the first page than a paid search. When a user lands on your website through a PPC ad, you may have to convince them further to convert.

Generally, converting means simple actions that users can perform willingly on your website, such as signing up for a newsletter, allowing notifications, and reviewing your products. These are simple actions that add value to your website by expanding your customer base. With PPC ads, that is not easy hence the lower conversion rate.

The goodness with Search Engine Optimized websites is that they are guaranteed a high conversion rate as long as they maintain the top position. Prospective clients are more likely to close a deal through an optimized search and not PPC ads. Most users view PPC ads as pop-ups from websites that may not be committed in their dealings. You would instead work with an optimized website than paid ads that are not likely to draw heavy traffic to your website. PPC ads may look cheaper than creating a search-optimized website, but they are pricey in the long run.

4. Optimized On-Page Web Pages And Effective Link Building Lures Local Users To Visit Your Physical Store
After searching, prospective customers tend to visit your store if it is within their proximity. That will automatically make them a customer as long as the product they are looking for is available and matches their desired quality.

Many shoppers are digital-savvy, meaning that they will always conduct an intensive online search before visiting your shop for purchases. The chances are that the prospects will be lured to visit your store. They will most likely tag along with their family and friends or make referrals, which will build your customer base and increase sales. An effective link building will create a web of links where your customers will be directed to various pages. Such things look insignificant, but they will only favor you if your website is top-ranked by a search engine.

5. Builds product Credibility
When your website is top-ranked, your product gets valued by customers and gain credibility. Any user will automatically perceive that you offer the best products in the industry and that your brand is famous because your website appeared first on the search result. That is the opposite of the websites that appear on the bottom of a web search. Bottom-ranked websites get few clicks and visits as users think you are not well-known and that your product is not credible.

Lack of such credibility can hinder your brand’s awareness. If customers are not familiar with what you are selling, then that spells disaster for your business. A search-optimized website guarantees brand awareness through top ranking on search results. The process assures ease of spotting your product through organic searches. More clicks mean more leads to your website, thus a perfect way to create and sell your brand.

6. It is a Long-Term Marketing approach
Search Engine Optimization is a long-term digital marketing approach that can last up to six months. That is good news for your business considering the amount of money business people spend on seo marketing. Your website will continue to enjoy an optimal ranking unless the search engine algorithms are changed. With the right strategies in place, it is not easy to pull you down your search rankings.

Relevant long-tail keywords, Meta descriptions, page titles, and site content, among others, are some of the recipes for the best digital marketing strategies. Those will not only draw more valuable traffic to your website but also create a long-term advertising effort. To succeed in marketing strategy, make a checklist of your-to-do things. That will ensure that no crucial detail of your product is omitted. It won’t be long before you realize that this is the cheapest and the most effective way to create and advertise your brand.

7. It makes your business competitive
When you invest and implement perfect Search Engine Optimization and other digital marketing approaches, your business grows and becomes competitive. Integrating all the approaches ranks your brand high and helps you beat your competitors and remain at the top.

The more visitors your website attracts, the more customers associate with your brand and the greater the consumption. That places you on a better competitive edge than your competitors who know nothing about optimizing search engines. To maintain your ranking, you have to update your site with quality content, maintain a good speed for your site, have quality backlinks, and build your social media presence.

Building your brand in the digital world is limitless. There is a myriad of options that you can explore to create your brand awareness and achieve your goals. Search Engine Optimization guarantees you qualitative and quantitative visits to your website through organic searches. Regardless of the size or nature of your business, you need an optimized website. Taking the challenge is not only a worthy investment but also a sure way of marketing your brand. Search Engine Optimization will improve your website’s visibility offer real value to your brand.